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A whimsical and fun public art initiative produced by the Town of Surfside. The Town of Surfside has contracted Prince Media Development to bring the tour de turtle escapade to the business district to delight residents and visitors alike. Decorated fiberglass turtles grace public right of ways with colorful and decorative designs by local artists. Tales of the Surfside Turtles is currently on display

Dania Sierra

Born in Cuba and exiled to the U.S.A. in 1962. She demonstrated an inclination for art at a young age and was a recipient of a Fine Arts scholarship to the University of Miami. Ms. Sierra is a philanthropist and published artist whose artwork is featured in numerous galleries throughout the world. Her brilliant execution of color and unique design is admired by collectors and colleagues alike. Sierra Fine Art has been in the Graphics Art Field for over 25+ years. Her goal as a graphic designer is to bridge your product or idea with the consumer and create a visual representation of your message using the most up to date techniques to produce the final result.

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Derrick Wilson

Derrick's methodology as it relates to art is and has always been in a constant state of flux. He is somewhat of an alchemist, spontaneously mixing materials and subtly changing formulas to suit the concept I want to address. He has an unquenchable thirst for the experiment; the process -this is what drives him. He has been working as an artist in Miami since graduating from F.I.U. where he earned his Bachelors in Fine Art. Over the years he has been fortunate to exhibit in a variety of spaces. He is most proud of the artwork executed for organizations such as; Junto's, March of Dimes as well as Easter Seals.

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DL Watson

Creating has always been an integral part of my life. My mother was a portrait artist. My father was an accomplished artist, cartoonist and illustrator, as well as a successful commercial artist in Miami, Florida. It was with my father in his studio at a very young age that I first developed an appreciation for the creative process. I have studied a variety of forms of art: sculpture, ceramics, painting, architecture, and interior and fashion design. While raising two children I worked as an interior designer, but it is painting that gives me the most fulfillment. Freedom to express; to paint what I feel and what I imagine. The exposure to a variety of art forms and the diversity of studios in Ft Lauderdale,Florida and Bend, Oregon has created a rare combination of pathways for my emotions to find their way to the canvas. It is in this expression of self discovery that I have found my life's passion.

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Ezi Algazi

of Coral Springs "Ezi" (as he signs his works, a family nickname for Ernest) is an Artist strongly influenced by his travels around the world where he captures the beauty of what he sees in landscapes, people and cultures.

Ezi was born in Cairo, Egypt. When he was 14 years old the Algazi Family (his parents, brother and 3 sisters) left Egypt for Marseilles France and then spent six month in Paris, France before settling in Trenton, New Jersey. During the summer of 1970, Ezi spent three months in Israel, where he continued showing his artistic talent by sketching the farm scenes and the people that he met. On the way back to the United States he spent time in Belgium, France and England.

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Ivan Jorge Roque

Born on December 27, 1991 Ivan Jorge Roque also known as "The Lost Artist" is a Cuban-American urban artist from the infamous Carol City, Florida an inner city located on the northern side of Miami-Dade County.

Roque attends the Miami International University of Art & Design working to attain his bachelor's degree all while still pushing his works to much greater extents. For an artist of his age Roque has had many accomplishments from working with local established artist Gabriel Gimenez to the hip hop group known as RVIDXR KLVN, and even having a public installation commissioned by the Town of Surfside located in Miami Beach, Florida also not to mention the countless shows all over the city.

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Jacklyn Laflamme

In 2000, she decided to live her dream and work as an artist. She was emboldened in this decision by the success of her first solo show, selling four paintings on opening night, she committed herself to making art full-time. In the last several years she has sold hundreds of paintings through galleries and direct commissions. Now residing in Florida, she is an award winning artist, a grant recipient and is emerging in the public art scene with her vibrant murals. For more info on Jacklyn Laflamme visit
Janie CasoriaJanie

Casoria is an award winning multi media artist. Whether it's whimsical painted furniture, a glass mosaic sculpture or furniture, a mural, a tropical sculpture or a sculptured door, she wants her art to make you smile and possibly inspire you with a thought provoking message.

She incorporates recycled items into most of her work, using anything from old doors to plant items and broken auto windshield glass. Her artwork if sold in upscale galleries, through designers and by private commission for custom work. She has done work for the NHL, the Panthers and Marlins, hospitals, even Gibson Guitars. She enjoys doing these public art projects where she feels like a surrogate giving birth for each project then handing it over to it's newfamily. She shares her ideas and how-to projects on numerous television shows and at seminars.

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Cuban-born MANO came to the United States as part of Operation Pedro Pan* at the age of twelve, with his older brother. For the next five years he lived in Westfield, New Jersey with family friends until he was reunited with his parents.

He is a self-taught artist who has developed a unique expressionist-style dominated by faces and the female form. Usually his faces are merely a point of departure for MANO to explore the interplay of contrasting colors on a myriad of surfaces. When asked what inspires him, MANO says "Everything...people, music, nature all lead me on journey's through the imagination where images converge and forms and color captivate me. Observation of the mind's creation allows me to assimilate and recreate, in my own style, the shades of color and images of form".

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Marcie Ziv

Born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in eastern rural Massachusetts. After entering Syracuse University's film program, she changed her major to sculpture in the Fine Arts Program and began experimenting with welding, the foundry and bronze pourings, plastics and wood. Today she continues her sculptures in fiberglass and other mixed media and her playful works are likened to that of the late Niki de Saint Phalle. Although a self taught painter, Marcie Ziv is gifted with an intricate creative capacity that allows her artistic expression through various methods and has secured a place for herself in the modern as well as post modern fine arts. "Working freely and spontaneously I try to create joyous works that celebrate the diversity of life. I enjoy bringing color, humor and fantasy to life. My work gives me hope, enthusiasm, structure. My work is my diary."

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Marcy Grosso

Marcy Grosso is a Cuban -American artist who lives in Mia, Florida. Self taught, Marcy been painting as a child as has continued her love of art. Her work has graced the poster for Jungle Island, as well as many other
festivals across South Florida. She is a frequent artist at many of local art festivals, as well as teacher of art.

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Mark VoseFort

Lauderdale Muralist Mark Vose specializes in architectural paintings, tropical scenes, and fantasy art. He has been featured in many galleries in South Florida.
Mark is well know for his Caribbean scenes as well as larger than life work. Also a musician, Mark is a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Nancy Martini

Nancy Martini is an artist living and working in Miami, whose body of work explores her passion for nature while investigating issues that threaten our environment.

Her current collection: "Lessons from the Dinner Table" burrows into intimate conversations discussed around the dinner table and how that dialogue transcends into the basic foundation of how to care for each other, our community and our environment. Her woven imagery of reclaimed materials from everyday life explores the rippling power of a single voice and a single action.

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Roberto Garcia

MarquezRoberto Garcia Marquez was born in Havana, Cuba on July 4th, 1965. At the young age of 11 he demonstrated his artistic talent by winning third place in an international art contest. Due to political restrictions imposed by this country, he was not allowed to travel and receive award. This did not deter Roberto from continuing to draw and paint. His passion and commitment for the arts grew even stronger.

His profound commitment and talent for the arts has helped him emerge into a sophisticated artist. He attributes his Cuban roots for inspiring his imagination, passion and creativity in his art creations. Roberto has participated in many exhibitions through out Florida and continues to expand his thirst for knowledge and creativity in the world of fine art. "My passion for art has evolved and it is evident in my creations. My inspiration comes from cubism and everyday encounters with nature, shapes and colors."

Sandra Suarez

One of Sandra's earliest childhood memories from Cuba is that of her "Abuelita", hiding crayons and watercolors from her, fearing that her creativity would spill over onto the bedroom wall.

Winner of numerous awards, she has been featured in various local galleries, and has had solo shows throughout South Florida. Her work hangs in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America. Through her solo and collective artist exhibitions, her work has been auctioned by Sotheby's of New York to benefit the "Beas Foundation" for the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation.

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Terry Molina

Terry's work has the common thread of color and light. She works with all mediums and styles.

Her mother was an artist and she has been involved with creating since her earliest years. She has a degree from FSU and The Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale. She has worked as a teacher. puppeteer and graphic designer. When she retired from the 9-5 work world she devoted all her energies to art. She has shown in galleries in the three county area and does commission work for private collections in 8 states.

There is nothing she won't paint. She has done walls inside and out, painted antique furniture and designed a glass wall for the West Boynton Beach Library. She happily creates art that has practical uses as well as for display only. Anything that can evoke an emotion through color is art in her book. Terry is a resident of Palm Beach County.
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