Family friendly beachfront hotels, shopping and dining in Miami

Miami's Uptown Beachtown

Surfside is about simple pleasures with a mile of pristine beach, luxury beachfront hotels, distinctive world-class shopping, and culturally diverse restaurants. A variety of family friendly activities and yearly events add to this unforgettable destination. Book your vacation or take a short drive to discover the secret charm of Surfside.

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Have you ever been somewhere and liked it so much that you couldn’t wait to go back? Surfside is so nice that most of its visitors come back twice (or thrice).

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From public to private spaces, art is a common thread in Surfside and the surrounding area. Since the launch of Art Basel Miami in 2002, South Florida has quietly and powerfully redefined itself as a cultural powerhouse with an internationally recognized art scene. The eclectic blend of contemporary art, murals and nature art bring color and vibrancy to the city and a sense of wonder that people of all ages can enjoy. 

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Surfside Art

In the land of blue skies, palm trees, and sunshine, there’s always something to appreciate.  In the Town of Surfside, we’re always thankful for the gorgeous weather, beautiful beachfront hotels, and deliciously diverse restaurants.  

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Surfside Couple

Cup or Cone? While this question may automatically make you think of ice cream, what about Italian ice, frozen custard, or gelati?  Why not try all three?  At Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard in Surfside, you can! 

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Photo of Ritas lemonade

The Town of Surfside is thrilled to share that one of our local restaurants, Café Vert, has been featured nationally as part of HSBC’s Small Business Spotlight Series. The campaign profiles HSBC Retail Business Banking customers around the country, focusing on how these small businesses are using the HSBC Fusion platform to manage their finances.  

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Baked goods from Cafe Vert
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Discover Miami Beach’s Up-and-Coming Town

From the newly opened Four Seasons At The Surf Club to a range of local events, there’s a lot to discover in Miami’s uptown destination of Surfside.

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