Family friendly beachfront hotels, shopping and dining in Miami

Miami's Uptown Beachtown

Surfside is about simple pleasures with a mile of pristine beach, luxury beachfront hotels, distinctive world-class shopping, and culturally diverse restaurants. A variety of family friendly activities and yearly events add to this unforgettable destination. Book your vacation or take a short drive to discover the secret charm of Surfside.

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Surfside is so happy to announce that as of early September we had 19 sea turtle nests on our beach and so far 10 have hatched! As one of our most beloved residents, we are happy to report that Sea Turtle season is under way and the turtles have been happy and safe.

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Chef Odile, owner of the Surfside French pastry boutique Gourmet Temptations, has headed up the pastry programs of some of Paris’ finest pastry shops including the famed Angelina, Les Fées Patissières, and Patisserie Bijou. 

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Peikin Empire Fine Jewelry is a gem in Surfside. A long-standing community staple, the jewelry shop has a rich history and a dedicated regular clientele. 

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Serendipity Creamery owner Jessica Weiss Levison is a visionary who dreams big. A former lawyer, Jessica’s path to ice cream started when she moved to the seaside town of Surfside and discovered that a local ice cream shop was missing from the neighborhood.

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Surrounded by water, Surfside has access to some of the freshest fish in town — making the sushi options here some of the best. 

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Discover Miami Beach’s Up-and-Coming Town

From the newly opened Four Seasons At The Surf Club to a range of local events, there’s a lot to discover in Miami’s uptown destination of Surfside.

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