Celebrate First Day of Summer

By: Adriana Jun 21, 2019

The first day of summer and the longest day of the year is finally here! While we’re itching to slip into the season of summer BBQs, days at the beach and long lunches, it’s important to recognize that the first day of summer is also a cosmic event.           


The Longest Day of the Year 

Do you know how June 21 became the ‘official’ first day of summer? Also known as the summer solstice, it is the longest day of the year, and the shortest night, for people living in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The summer solstice happens because the Earth’s axis is tilted in such a way that the sun shines directly on the Northern Hemisphere and indirectly on the Southern Hemisphere. According to NASA, anywhere north of the equator gets a peak amount of daylight. 

This year the summer solstice – the exact moment when the sun sits directly over the Tropic of Cancer (the 23.5° north latitude mark) – will begin at 11:54 a.m., Friday, June 21 in the Eastern Time zone. After this date, the days start to become shorter and the nights longer, hence the phrase ‘long summer nights.’ 


What to Do on the Longest Day of the Year 

Cultures around the world have long celebrated the start of summer with feasts, picnics and other festivities. So why not get outside and celebrate with some seasonal activities that make the most of the sunshine? Read on for a few ideas about what to do on the longest day of the year. 


Head to the Pool / Beach

Few things say summer as much as a day at the beach. If you want to admire the expanse of the ocean, walk along the beach path to soak up some mood-boosting vitamin D (don’t forget to wear SPF!) and relax among the gentle waves. A day of swimming provides some low-impact exercise and a moment to connect with nature and unwind. 


Eat Outside 

Eating meals al fresco is a great way to celebrate the summer season. In Surfside, there are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating that serve up delicious food in a beautiful setting. For a sophisticated scene, head to Mare at The Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club to dine on fresh seafood, market oysters, and a range of other Italian specialties made with the freshest ingredients. 


Where to Eat: 

Mare Restaurant
Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club
9011 Collins Ave
Surfside, FL 33154
Phone: (305) 381-3333


Explore the Area

Surfside has plenty of areas to explore by foot that are enticing for the whole family. Head downtown for an early morning smoothie or a cup of joe, then stroll down Harding Avenue to explore the shops and restaurants in the area. In the afternoon, head to the park or stroll along Collins Avenue to admire an array of architectural styles - from Art Deco to Mediterranean, Mod to Modernist. Whatever you choose, there is something new to discover! 

There are so many ways to enjoy the start of summer. Whatever you decide, just be sure to do it safely, and wear sunscreen! 


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