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Keep your Fitness Motivation with Zumba Star Richard Gormley

By: Surfside Mar 28, 2018

Richard Gormley, 29

Aqua Zumba Instructor, @richard.go

Richard Gormley, 29, is one of Aqua Zumba’s leading instructors and he teaches from time to time right here in Surfside. A certified Aqua Zumba instructor, Aqua Fitness expert and a yogi, his high energy and big smile is loved by Aqua Zumba fanatics all over the world and especially here in Town. 
We sat down with Richard to get his take on fitness:
How did you get your start in Aqua fitness?
I was a lifeguard and had been watching the aqua fitness classes for days (and weeks) and one day the instructor didn’t show up so I jumped in and just started doing what I had seen the instructor do - without really knowing the dynamics of how the water helped or the mechanics of it all.
What interested you in Aqua Zumba originally?
I became an Aqua Fitness instructor in 2005 and was introduced to Aqua Zumba through Aqua Fitness at a conference in 2009, when the program first launched. I studied kinesiology at a collegial level and have certifications through the Aquatic Exercise Association, American Aerobics Association and others so I thought it was a good opportunity. Now I’ve been to 48 Countries and all 50 states – I’m in a different country every week.
What do you think makes Aqua Zumba stand out?
The combination of fitness and music. Music really helps your mood and I think that helps people just really feel the atmosphere and start getting into the class. Aqua Zumba is very accessible for a lot of people and I love that the water neutralizes a lot of aspects of exercise that can be limiting. I love feeling that joy and connection with a class - no matter their age or demographic.
Walk us through a class - do you have specific playlists, set choreography for every class?

I start with warm ups, then we do all different dance styles – it’s typically a 45 minute playlist – and then we do a series of dynamic lengthening exercises before getting out of the pool. Zumba is really good at working with popular artists to create songs and choreography that instructors can use but the format is pretty open. You can improvise, so it’s very accessible.
You teach all over the world - can you tell us how that started?
I focus on instructor trainings so once we have a good Zumba following in a place then we launch with Aqua Zumba and I fly out to teach the instructors. I do instructor trainings on the weekends and classes during the week. Right now I’m spending a lot of time in Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. Aqua Zumba is very popular in Asia and Southeast Asia is very busy at the moment.
What are some of your favorite places to teach?
Asia is really fun right now, I’m teaching a lot in Korea. But I’m really excited to start working in Latin America in places like Argentina and Brazil. I think the music and vibe of the people there is just incredible.
Can you tell us what you like about teaching in Surfside?
Surfside has a real community around Aqua Zumba – something about being in the water near the ocean in the beautiful weather. People in Surfside are really generous and they really enjoy the community and the experience. They take in the moment and give back a lot of joy that you get to feel as an instructor.
When will you be back in Surfside?

I’m teaching in Surfside on and off around Easter. And shortly after we’ll be taking off on our Zumba Cruise - a 3-day cruise where 4,000 Zumba fanatics from all over the world are gathering on a cruise ship. I’ll be teaching 2 classes a day on the cruise and we’ll be launching a lot of new musical collaborations with popular artists. 

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