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#InsideSurfside: Giving Thanks

By: Surfside Nov 22, 2019

In the land of blue skies, palm trees, and sunshine, there’s always something to appreciate.  In the Town of Surfside, we’re always thankful for the gorgeous weather, beautiful beachfront hotels, and deliciously diverse restaurants.  

This Thanksgiving, we’re especially thankful for our local Surfside community.  Our friendly neighborhood is what gives the Town of Surfside its unique, small-town charm and makes for a truly enjoyable place to visit. To commemorate this holiday of gratitude, we’re sharing what some members of our Surfside community are most thankful for this year.


Local Surfside Thanksgiving  

For over 12 years, the beloved Surfside restaurant, Cafe Vert has been serving breakfast and lunch to the local community.  Specializing in kosher and gluten-free food, Cafe Vert is a family-run business that has become one of Surfside’s staples.

When Claude Labi and his wife, Eva moved from Marseilles, France to the Town of Surfside in 2007, they opened Cafe Vert and have continued to serve delicious food ever since. “We are most thankful that our family can celebrate together,” says Eva, “this year will be the first Thanksgiving in six years that our whole family can be together.”

“We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with the Town of Surfside because during the holidays our visitors seem to be extra hungry," says Eva.  “We’re excited to make the Surfside community happy by serving them good food.”

As Cafe Vert gears up for the holidays, they have added a few festive items to their menu.  Make sure to stop by and try their pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry scones, pumpkin pie with sweet meringue, and their special pumpkin soup.  


Café Vert 
9490 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154


Surfside’s one-stop-shop for all things beauty, LAHH Salon is a Surfside gem owned by the beauty-expert, Emily Safran.  During this time of the year, Emily is “most thankful for the sense of community in Surfside.  It’s a safe, beautiful area that allows our business to thrive.”  

For the upcoming holiday season, she is excited “to make the people of Surfside look and feel beautiful during the holidays!  Tis’ the season, life’s about healthy hair,” says Emily.


LAHH Salon 
9480 Harding Ave
Surfside, FL 33154


Serendipity Creamery owner, Jessica Levison has made a name for herself in the local community with her beloved, homemade ice cream.  “I am thankful for our supportive community of locals and snowbirds that continue to enjoy Serendipity's homemade ice cream for the last 11 years and counting,” says Jessica.  

Serendipity is “thankful to be recognized by Forbes and Deco Drive, Miami New Times and Rachel Ray for making the best ice cream. We are so lucky in that by making everything on site, we can cater to the whims and delights of our neighbors in a way that a corporate franchise cannot.”


Serendipity Creamery & Yogurt Cafe
9457 Harding Ave
Surfside, FL 33154


Our very own Marketing & Special Projects Coordinator for the Town of Surfside, Frank Trigueros is “thankful to work in Surfside where staff is like extended family, and where the office is just feet away from the beautiful beach.”  

“This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for my friends.  With my entire family almost exclusively abroad, it is important to have close friends to lean on and spend time with, particularly during the holiday season,” says Frank.  “For the holidays, I am really looking forward to having my mother and brother visit from Madrid and spending Christmas and New Year’s together for the first time in years.”

Surfside is so unique and we are thankful for the community in its entirety.  From the Town of Surfside, we wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday.


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