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Meet Mayor Daniel Dietch

By: Victor Aug 03, 2017

As a small Florida town with a beautiful beach and a vibrant downtown, Surfside attracts a lot of people. It just so happens that one of those people who moved here also became the mayor.  

A Lens on Surfside’s Mayor 

A resident of Surfside for 17 years, Mayor Dietch decided to get involved and enact some positive change in the community. After serving the town in several capacities - including a community oversight committee for the Surfside Community Center he ran for mayor and was elected in 2010. He is now serving his fourth term in office. 

In addition to working for the town, Mayor Dietch is an environmental consultant, something he says has helped him to shape policies that have benefitted Surfside. 

The Mayor lives on the ‘Byron Freeway, as he fondly calls it, and spends weekends around town with his family and the family dog. He is famous for skateboarding to work, something he learned to do at a young age, when growing up in Massachusetts.

Five Questions with Mayor Daniel Dietch

1. Why Did you Decide to Run for Mayor? 
I decided to run for mayor for a number of reasons, when I first moved to Surfside I was concerned about the traffic, on Byron Avenue, what we affectionately call the ‘Byron Freeway,’ and I called the mayor.  I expressed my concerns and he invited me to come to my first town meeting. I went, and from that day forward my wife and I decided to get involved to help make our town the community that we want to live in.

2. Favorite Thing About Being the Mayor? 

My favorite thing about being mayor is having a vote and making a difference. It’s really living the principles that I learned from my parents, that you make the community that you want to live in. 

3. What is one thing you wish you knew before you were elected? 

Before I was elected, I wish I knew the right questions to ask. You think you know a lot when you are running as a candidate, but there a lot of things you don’t know. I liken it to the Wizard of Oz, when you get elected, you get to see the wizard and look behind the veil. And what you see is not always what you expect. 

4. What did you do before you were Mayor? 

Prior to becoming the mayor  I worked on the planning and zoning board, but in addition to that 
I am raising a young family and I also work full-time as an environmental consultant. 

5. What are some hidden gems in Surfside? 

There’s a number of hidden gems in Surfside. The most recent one is an art installation by a famous artist named Pablo Atchugarry. It’s at a street end on 94th street and it’s there for public enjoyment. It really is a gem. 

Watch the video to learn more Mayor Deitch, what he’s learned, and more about what he thinks are Surfside’s hidden gems!