Surfside U Ride Shuttle

Shuttle around Surfside in Style

By: Surfside Jan 18, 2019
Ready to jaunt through town with ease and style? Jump on-board Surfside’s new electric shuttle for a ride around town during the months of January and February.
The free Surfside-branded URIDE shuttle is designed for easy hop-on/hop-off use for everyone. With multiple stops throughout town, the fully electric (and complimentary) shuttle begins its route at the 87th Street and Collins Avenue bus stop, continuing with stops at Collins Avenue hotels before moving on to Downtown Surfside on 95th Street, and ending at the 86th Street and Harding Avenue bus stop.
Along the way, riders can stop at Surfside destinations like the beach starting at 87th street, the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, the Residence Inn Miami Beach Surfside, the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside, and many of the shopping and dining options of Downtown Surfside including Josh’s Deli, Gourmet Temptations, and Morelia Gourmet Paletas.
The free, eco-friendly transportation service is available to all residents and visitors alike. With a focus on community, it will also assist with transportation for upcoming special events happening throughout January and February in addition to facilitating access to and increasing pedestrian traffic through Surfside’s downtown district.

Eco-Friendly Rides

The best part? The small shuttle sits up to five guests (fun for the whole family) and as a 100%-electric vehicle, emits zero gas emissions! As an environmentally conscientious town, the URIDE shuttle perfectly aligns with Surfside’s mission to be mindful of green practices, reduce gas emissions from transportation and still help visitors explore our beautiful town. 

The Route

To use the shuttle, head to one of these nearby stops:

87th Street Bus stop
Solara Blue/Green Resort
Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club
Residence Inn Miami Beach Surfside
Grand Beach Hotel Surfside
The rideshare drop off point on 95th Street in Downtown Surfside
89th Street Bus Stop
The cart shuttle will be available for use seven days a week between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, as well as 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm for the months of January and February, so enjoy the ride!

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