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The Eight Best Things to Do in Surfside

By: Surfside Sep 01, 2017
Photo: Four Seasons Hotel at the Surf Club.

It’s no secret that Surfside features an array of restaurants, events, and activities to satisfy a range of interests. The Miami New Times recently took on the (really tough) job of a full Surfside immersion, and breaks down the top eight things to fill your itinerary on your next Surfside visit.

Surfside is a rare bird among Miami’s beach destinations. Sandwiched between the ritzy Bal Harbour and the working-class, ethnic enclaves of Miami Beach’s northernmost neighborhoods, the quaint town of Surfside — all one square mile of it — stands out for what it’s not. You won’t find nightclubs, McMansions, or sky-high megacondos anywhere within city limits. Instead, you’ll encounter quirky charm amid the luxe hotels flanking the ocean and the single-family homes skirting the Intracoastal. The family-oriented town recently adopted the slogan “Uptown Beachtown” for its publicity campaign, banking on the swank associated with the latter word. Sure, it's got all of that, but what keeps Surfside easy-breezy are the simple things, such as friendly neighbors, safe streets, and homegrown connections.

Here are eight things to do in Surfside that'll get you familiar with South Florida's "Uptown Beachtown.” Click Here to read more!