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Sea Turtle Update, 19 Nests

By: Surfside Oct 12, 2018

10 Sea Turtle Nests Hatch in Surfside

Surfside is so happy to announce that as of early September we had 19 sea turtle nests on our beach and so far 10 have hatched! As one of our most beloved residents, we are happy to report that Sea Turtle season is under way and the turtles have been happy and safe.

Every year, from May to October, the Florida Loggerhead Sea Turtle returns home to Surfside’s beaches to nest. Since the species is classified as threatened, Surfside takes special care to make sure that nests are protected and safe so that the turtles can continue their life cycle.

 As many as 68,000 Loggerhead nests are found every year in Florida alone – including those on Surfside’s beach – and we’re looking forward to seeing more for the end of the nesting season.

Surfside’s Turtle Conservation Efforts

During turtle nesting season, Surfside works extra hard to make sure that our turtles can prosper in the area. We actively participate in Miami-Dade’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program and ensure that residents and visitors alike are aware of best practices.

If you see a sea turtle, don’t disturb it, unless it is in distress. And NEVER handle a hatchling sea turtle. Nesting is a critical stage in the sea turtle's life cycle and it’s important that we let nature take its course. Though we know it’s so hard to resist the cuteness of a baby sea turtle!

If you’d like to learn more about turtle conservation in Surfside, have a look at our conservation efforts. You can learn more about the Florida Loggerhead sea turtle here.


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