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Surfside Launches New Campaign

By: Surfside May 14, 2018

Surfside Showcases Fun, Fit, Family Lifestyle 

We’re happy to share our newest Surfside campaign!  It’s a wonderful evolution meant to showcase Surfside as the true “Uptown Beachtown” that it is, continuing to highlight Surfside as a destination that is great for families and has something for everyone. 
The concept for the new campaign centers around themes of family, fun and wellness while featuring Surfside’s beautiful natural surroundings. The images showcase Surfside’s standout landmarks, such as the beach and the community center, while offering a glimpse into the Surfside lifestyle. 

Surfside's Community Center has something for everyone

While the previous campaign focused on many of the uptown benefits of Surfside – our walkable downtown area and beautiful resorts – the new campaign shifts the focus to the many fitness and wellness opportunities for visitors. 
The Community Center serves as a backdrop for an array of fun family activities: splashing in the kids play area, floating in the pool and a moment of underwater zen. In another scene, our family plays tennis at Surfside’s landmark tennis center. On the beach, our featured family stretches in matching attire, rides bikes on the beach path, plays paddle ball in the sand and then caps it all off with a late afternoon picnic. 

  Surfside's Community Center has something for everyone

The campaign also reminds visitors that as Surfside continues to grow in popularity as a family-friendly destination, it is also a fantastic destination for couples. Couples looking for a romantic getaway also have a lot to experience; the intimacy of a beach walk or a night at The Four Seasons is a fabulous way to spend time with a loved one. 


The new campaign also features a beautiful cockatoo named Pancha. She was an absolute delight to have on set, but she was such a lover that she kept cuddling up under our model’s hair, so it took a bit longer to get the shot than we expected! 
 You will be seeing more of the campaign online and on our social channels.


Beautiful Beaches and Sunny skies at Surfside Beautiful Beaches and Sunny skies at Surfside Beautiful Beaches and Sunny skies at Surfside Take a stroll with your family at Surfside's beaches Beautiful Beaches and Sunny skies at Surfside Beautiful Beaches and Sunny skies at Surfside

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