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Celebrate the Holidays with Rolling Pin Bakery

By: Surfside Dec 22, 2017

Local Bakery Famous for Pastries

If you’re searching for a hidden gem bakery with a vintage vibe, look no further than the Rolling Pin Bakery in Surfside. This Lilliputian bakery offers kosher pastries, breads and cookies perfect for the holidays. Located on Harding Avenue and 95th street, the Rolling Pin bakery has amassed a loyal following for its fresh-baked challah bread and rugelach.
Whether you need challah for Shabbat meal, some sweet pastries for your office staff or just a sweet afternoon snack, Rolling Pin is the bakery to go-to. Everything is freshly baked from scratch, delicious, and budget-friendly. They even take special orders for birthday cakes or special occasion desserts for holidays and parties.

The shop is famous for its Jewish delicacies, such as Hamantaschen and Kichel. But it also serves traditional breads and sweets that are considered some of the best in the county – warm bagels ready for breakfast, a lip-smacking sugarless apple strudel and cinnamon croissants that hit the (sweet) spot. For a special treat, the owner might suggest you try the chocolate raspberry tart or the black cherry pie.
The bakery is also kosher pareve – a kosher designation applied to foods considered neutral that may be eaten with either meat or dairy dishes. Pareve (pronounced PAHR-iv) is the Yiddish term that refers to foods that are not dairy or meat and have not been prepared with dairy or meat. Some items, such as the donuts – hand-rolled and freshly made daily – are Parve, Pas Yisroel and Yoshon. And while it’s popular for its adherence to kosher standards, Rolling Pin has been loved by everyone in Surfside since it opened in 1990. Locals recommend going early, since the shop often sells out of popular items quickly and is constantly busy. And make sure to check the hours, in observance of Shabbat, it closes Friday afternoon and reopens on Monday morning. There is a $10 credit card minimum, so bring cash!

Rolling Pin Bakery
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
9523 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154


Surfside Rolling Pin Bakery

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