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NPR features Surfside’s Josh’s Deli

By: Surfside Dec 20, 2017

Surfside’s own Josh’s Deli has been featured on NPR’s program, Sundial, which spotlights all the stories that make South Florida unique. In the program, owner Josh Marcus discusses how a Yelp review helped define the identity for his restaurant, which serves a distinctive take on Jewish deli staples. A runaway success since first opening its doors in Surfside, Josh’s Deli features dishes like Crunchy Spicy Tuna Latkes and Jewban sandwiches, and prides itself on the tagline: "A Jewish Deli Done Wrong”.

Flipping the script on online reviews

In the age of Yelp, Facebook and viral videos, a bad review can tarnish a restaurant’s reputation for good. Josh Marcus, owner of Josh’s Deli and Appetizing in Surfside, was able to build an identity from a customer’s review on Yelp.

When a family of six showed up at the deli, Marcus regretfully informed them that he had sold out of food for the day — a sign of high foot traffic and demand for his food. The family proceeded to negatively review Josh’s Deli and Appetizing on various internet sites for what was essentially a good thing for business, calling Marcus’ business a "fake deli."


Marcus flipped the unfavorable review and internalized the concept of being a fake deli. He refers to his deli as a “Jewish deli done wrong.” The menu includes traditional Jewish foods like latkes, matzo ball soup, bagels and rye bread, but caters to all palates, as the food is not kosher, offering cured meats, salmon and bacon options.

“The uniqueness of doing something yourself is what separates a restaurant,” Marcus said. “Being unique and having its own unique flavor puts a stamp on the dining experience.”

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