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Surfside’s Latest and Greatest Kosher Dishes

By: Surfside Apr 26, 2019
From ice cream shops to bakeries, delis to world flavors, Surfside’s kosher dining scene incorporates something to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in need of breakfast for dinner or a late-night sweet fix, the eclectic collection of dining establishments provides kosher options for every meal. And, since they’re all located in Surfside’s downtown Harding Ave, you can reach a new restaurant as quickly as you can change your mind! Read on to find out more about the best kosher dishes from some of Surfside’s newest eateries.

Surfside’s 5 Best Kosher Dishes


Whole Fish at Mesa Bar and Grill

Ready for a night out on the town? Craving some of Miami’s famous local seafood? Mesa Bar and Grill serves farm-to-table dishes, made with locally sourced ingredients. And although the menu is varied, fans rave about the fish. Listed at market price, the restaurant serves what is fresh for the day including local red snapper and grouper. If you’re a party of two (or have a hefty appetite, no judgements here), order the whole Branzino and alight on a fish feast, perfectly cooked and served with just the right touch of lemon.

Sambusak at Nona Bakery & Pizzeria

At the recently opened Nona Bakery & Pizzeria, order their Mediterranean specialties to try something out of the ordinary with all the flavors of comfort food. Sambusak, a traditional Middle Eastern pastry that comes in different shapes depending on the region, is a favorite here. A small molten pocket of melted fresh mozzarella cheese and flaky buttery pastry, the turnovers are the perfect mid-day snack or decadent night-time treat.
Dinosaur Short Ribs at Backyard BBQ + Brew

The dinosaur short ribs at Backyard BBQ + Brew are a must have. According to the menu, “Once u go Dino u never go back.” And we can assure you, it's a correct sentiment. This house specialty at Surfside’s favorite BBQ spot is a coveted menu offering. Only available when the butcher dictates, the extra-large, extra good ribs are seasoned, smoked and then slathered with sauce. One bite and you’ll already be asking for seconds.
Classic Chinese at Chai Wok

Specializing in modern Chinese food, Chai Wok’s dishes are certified Glatt Kosher and certifiably delicious. Order traditional favorites here and indulge in flavors of the orient with dishes like Black Pepper Beef, Orange Chicken or Chow Mein. Our favorite is the Chinese American classic General Tso’s Chicken. Lightly fried and cooked in a signature sweet and spicy sauce then tossed with peppers, onions and carrots, this classic has just the right tinge of umami.
Pasta at Cine Citta Miami

Sometimes pasta is just what you’re craving. Cine Citta Miami is a stylish upscale Italian restaurant with kosher interpretations of Italian classics that will do the trick. Here it’s all about the pink sauce, a soft cream sauce made with tomatoes, vodka and just a bit of spice that gets laid over a perfectly al dente bow tie pasta and slices of fresh salmon sautéed with shallots. So good, you won’t want to share.

Keeping Kosher in Surfside

Still want more? Surfside has the highest concentration of kosher dining restaurants and cafes in the South Florida and Greater Miami. Whatever you’re craving, Surfside is sure to have it.
To read more reviews about kosher restaurants in Surfside and get more details about kosher ratings of restaurants in the area you can also reference or head to OK Kosher to understand more about Kosher ratings.
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