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Try these 3 Hidden Gem Italian Restaurants in Surfside

By: Surfside Oct 25, 2018
One of the best parts of traveling to Miami is undoubtedly discovering all the new and trendy restaurants all over town. But there’s no better feeling than stumbling upon a local Italian hidden gem, where you can tuck into a familiar (and universally loved) bowl of pasta and a spectacular glass of wine for less than what it costs to valet at most Miami restaurants. From simple Italian to wood-fired pizza, Surfside has an array of restaurants with deep-rooted Italian flavors. In no particular order, we suggest visiting any of these Italian restaurants in Surfside for every kind of palate and budget. We promise they’ll hit the spot. 

Surfside’s Best Italian Fare

For Classic Italian Style

If you’re looking for a classic Italian American experience with plenty of large-scale portions to satisfy big appetites, Café Ragazzi is the place. Though white tablecloths and walls lined with photos of Italian greats and local legends suggest otherwise, this is a neighborhood place. May we suggest an Italian staple like the Osso Bucco, or a baked pasta like a meaty lasagna, finished with a slice of homemade bread and a glass of the house wine. You’ll eat your fill and leave happy about the bill.
Café Ragazzi
9500 Harding Ave

To be Transported to Italy

This stylishly casual spot in Surfside is about as close to Italy as you can get in Miami. The service here is personable and the menu features a selection of Italy’s simplest items, highlighting fresh fish and vegetables. Order the grilled to perfection grigliata di vegetali (grilled vegetables) or slurp up a dish of spaghetti alle vongole, finished with fresh parsley and an extra dose of garlic and olive oil. If you have room for dessert, the courteous staff will recommend ricotta cheesecake. Try it for a slice of heaven.

Specchio Café
9485 Harding Ave

For Artisan Italian

Rustiko calls itself an ‘artisan bistro’ but locally, it’s really known for its Italian dishes. If you’re into truffle, we suggest both the truffle pizza - made in a wood-fired oven - and the pappardelle truffle pasta, with the perfect touch of creamy sauce and parmesan cheese. The airy space is open for lunch and dinner and is great for groups or families.
9476 Harding Ave
(305) 560-5650