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Global Wellness Day in Surfside

By: Adriana Jun 07, 2019

We have all asked the question “How can I live a healthier life?” at one point in time. A simple question that sometimes has a very complex answer, but one thing we can all agree on is that living well is something everyone strives for. Which is why Surfside is joining in on the fun and celebrating Global Wellness Day this Saturday June 8th, to support the cause of recognizing the value of health and wellness. Celebrated every year on the second Saturday of June, Global Wellness Day raises awareness about living well and increasing your daily motivation.

History of Global Wellness Day: 

Global Wellness Day was first celebrated in 2012 and uses the slogan “One day can change your whole life.” This not-for-profit day is a social project designed to showcase how you can improve your everyday health and wellness. Commemorated in 130 countries at 5000 different locations with inspiring events ranging from the Global Wellness flag reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, to giving medical care/supplies to children in need at the Thailand and Myanmar border, this day is about recognizing what’s really important, our mental and physical health. 


How to Celebrate:

Wellness is the active process of becoming aware of your choices towards living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle which will provide you with dynamic growth both spiritually and physically. Surfside is celebrating by getting active. We have listed some fun-filled activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy here in town – and don’t worry about your fitness level, we have a little something for everyone!   


Tennis Center: 

There is nothing better than serving up endorphins on a sunny day in Surfside. If you are looking to combat stress, improve agility, increase flexibility and boost your brain power, then tennis is the activity for you! Whether you have never picked up a tennis racket, or your racket has collected some dust over the years, it’s never too late to get into, or back into, the game. Not only is tennis a great social activity for family and friends but think of tennis as zero-calorie brain food. Playing tennis can improve mental alertness and enhance critical thinking habits. Reserve your spot today at Surfside’s Tennis Center and ACE your weekend. 


Where to Play: 

Surfside Tennis Center

8750 Collins Ave

Surfside, FL 33154

Phone: (305) 866 - 3635

Hours: Monday – Sunday 8AM – 10PM


Beach Yoga: 

If tennis isn’t your thing, grab a beach towel and a bestie and give a big sun salutation to Surfside’s sunrise. There is nothing better than a peaceful meditation on a white sandy beach looking out onto the ocean. Yoga is the osteopathic approach to wellness, focusing on your body’s natural tendency towards self-healing. The main purpose of yoga is to build strength of mind and body by practicing breathing exercises and assuming postures that help stretch and flex various muscle groups. Yoga is based off of ancient relaxation techniques that can help lower your blood pressure and maintain a balanced metabolism. Say Namaste to Global Wellness Day!


Bike Paths: 

One thing the Town of Surfside’s isn’t lacking is beautiful scenery, which is why bike-riding is the perfect exercise to partake in this Global Wellness Day. The benefits of cycling are almost as endless as the lanes offered in Surfside. Boosting your mood, burning calories, increasing endurance and raising your overall heart-rate are just a few reasons why you should rent a Citi Bike in Surfside and travel via many bike-friendly paths. This low-impact sport is ideal for everyone and is an exceptional way to stay energized during Global Wellness Day – it’s all downhill from here. 



Kayaking is a peaceful activity that works out your body from head to toe. There are a plethora of ways you can get your mind to take a break from the real world, but few will be able to take you where a kayak can. Kayaking in the Intercoastal waterway, or in the middle of the ocean, your mind can switch to “off mode,” making it easy to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Revamp your attitude, and your body, by renting a kayak from TKS Miami Watersports and paddle your way through paradise. 


Where to Rent: 

Collins Ave & 76th Street

Miami Beach, FL 33141

Phone: (305) 397- 8282

Hours: Every Day 10Am – 6Pm


Where to Celebrate:

Make small improvements in your health, and recognize your health and wellness goals with Surfside this Saturday, June 8th. Want to learn more about activities and things to see and do in Surfside? Explore our website or sign-up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in town. 


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