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Live Well & Good in Surfside

By: Surfside Aug 25, 2017

Explore Healthy Living in Surfside 

In Surfside, the wellness lifestyle is part of everyday life. From public parks to world-class spas, you will find that a number of recreational activities and an array of wellness amenities are at your fingertips. So whether you’re a resident or a visitor, get in shape and explore the healthy side of Surfside. 

Good Eats

We’ve all been told that eating healthy is the key to wellness. Surfside’s The Carrot is the epitome of that mantra. Using the freshest ingredients, the fast-casual cafe on Harding Avenue offers a variety of healthy eating options, from salads to smoothies. In the mornings, start with an Eggy White Wrap and a smoothie, the Acai Dream – Acai, blueberries, strawberries, fresh orange juice and banana – is a favorite. In the afternoons, try a Green Goddess salad with a power burger and get your serving of greens and protein for the day. 

Surfside The Carrot

9519 Harding Avenue, Surfside

Get Some Exercise  

Surfside offers a few ways that you can stretch your legs and get some exercise, both outside and inside. Here, a list of all the ways to exercise in Surfside, and don’t forget, you can always go for a swim in the ocean! 

Bike Ride on the Bike Path 

Go for a bike ride! Surfside has a bike path that winds through town, allowing residents and visitors, to get the best view of the town. Don’t have a bike? DECOBIKE is the Official Town of Surfside Bike Sharing & Rental program. An alternative mode of transportation that is green, healthy & easy, you can ride DECOBIKE from the 88th street station to the 94th station and back again! 

Enjoy a Fitness Class at the Surfside Community Center

Anyone staying in Surfside – whether at a hotel, a weekly time share or a condo rental – can take full advantage of the Surfside Community Center and its fitness classes. The Center hosts more than 90 health and wellness classes, including Aqua Zumba, Pilates and much, much more. Come ready to sweat! 

Walk on the Beach

Surfside is known for its mile of pristine beach, so get walking! Get some fresh air, engage your muscles and enjoy the views!

Take a Yoga Class on the Beach 

For $10 you can take a yoga class right on the sand at the 95th street beach with Miami Beach Yoga. The classes are taught by a group of certified yoga teachers happily sharing yoga with the community. Sunset classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays, and early-risers can see the sunrise on Saturdays. 

Relax in Style 

Tired out from all that exercise? Healthy living is also about getting the proper time to relax and focus on some self-care. Surfside is home to a number of luxury spas and beachfront hotels that offer a variety of opportunities to relax in style. 

Bliss Out 

Surfside is home to a number of luxury spas that offer services from manicures to massages. The latest addition is a holistic spa and wellness center at the Four Seasons At The Surf Club. The spa offers wellness services that blend time-honored traditions from around the globe with cutting edge technology to provide the best in service. The property also includes oceanfront serenity lawns for yoga and meditation.

Looking for something a little more casual? Go to the beach! There’s nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon on the white sands of Surfside’s beaches and listening to the waves. 

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