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Surfside’s Opticians See Differently

By: Surfside Dec 13, 2018

Oberle is Committed to Its Customers

See and be seen in Oberlé Opticians! Surfside’s chic optician is a retailer of luxury eyewear and the best place to go for your eyes. A true local business, the shop opened when the store’s owner and licensed optician Bernie Oberlander decided to move to Miami Beach to start the optical boutique in 1977.

Bernie says, “As professional opticians our prime directive is to offer the ultimate in vision and vision enhancements through the use of proper lens designs as well as eyewear that is custom-fitted for both the vision and the style of the client.”

The store has a staff of licensed opticians onsite as well as an independent Doctor of Optometry – they highly recommend annual eye exams for good eye health – so you can do everything in one place. “We take pride in listening to exactly what the visual needs are; whether it is reading, distance or special needs like computer vision syndrome (CVS); specific eye strain from blue light emanating from iPhones and iPads,” says Oberlander.

Need help finding the right frame and lenses? Oberle Opticians is known throughout South Florida for providing excellent customer service, what they call the “Oberle Concierge Service. We offer style and service by committing to, what I call, the three C’s: Correct visuals based on need and lifestyle, Comfortable tailor fit of lenses and eyewear, and Cosmetically appealing.”

Bernie says, “Once we have an idea of what the task is, then we are able to fit amazing frames that work in conjunction with the special lenses that we make. After we get past the medicinal part, that’s where the fun begins.”

The shop features a robust range of quality eyewear brands from around the world, including many from what the shop calls the Maisons; collections from Cartier, Maybach, and Chopard as well as eyewear from high-fashion designers such as Thom Browne, Dita and Catherine De Medici.

Oberlander also makes sure to stock some singular brands, traveling the world so that the boutique can bring unique, quality products to customers that are exclusive. On offer is the largest collection of horn and wood-designed frames from Tom Davies and colorful frames by Anne et Valentin, Face a Face and Theo.

For customers that are looking for a little sparkle, Oberlander says that the store has custom jeweled eyewear. “We design eyewear in both gold and silver as well as jewelry eyewear with diamonds, rubies and sapphires,” he says.

Oberle Opticians has resided in Surfside for 41 years. As a longtime resident, Bernie has seen Surfside’s evolution. “The community is an ever-evolving town and I'm proud to say that we have grown with it.” He says he is looking forward to many more years of “doing what we like and what we do best” in Surfside.

Looking for New Eyewear?

Oberlé Opticians provides high quality eyewear and lenses custom made for you. Head to the boutique to see and be seen in an amazing array of chic shades and opticals that will give you the sight you need and the look you want.
9552 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154
Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

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