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Expedia finds Surfside, FL the most comfortable city in America

By: Surfside Nov 30, 2016
While there are plenty of exciting hot spots to explore in Miami, travelers often overlook the most important part of their itinerary: the comfort factor. Expedia recently released their list of the 101 most comfortable cities for travelers, crowning Surfside, FL with the number 1 spot.

“Surfside slid into the number one spot on the list. The most comfortable city of them all, Surfside is a slice of vintage America, where white picket fences border pastel homes and children eat ice cream cones down by the seaside. Tourists venture to this Florida city to experience its nostalgic charm, but sea turtles like to visit its shores, too. Travel here during nesting season to watch the sea turtles in action, and then pass the time bike riding along the waterfront, window shopping on Harding Avenue, and dining out at local favorites, such as 26 Sushi & Tapas.”

Expedia arrived at these findings by analyzing all the verified user reviews in the previous year and determining which cities had the top hotel comfort ratings. Surfside, FL blew all other cities out of the water with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

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