Surfside's So Nice, Come Back Twice

By: Surfside Dec 10, 2019

Have you ever been somewhere and liked it so much that you couldn’t wait to go back? Surfside is so nice that most of its visitors come back twice (or thrice). There are a few factors that come into play when deciding to visit Surfside.  It’s simple –– A beachfront town in Miami, minus the hustle and bustle of South Beach, plus the comfort and charm of a small-town equals the perfect vacation destination.  

Whether visitors are in town for an annual summer trip, a quick weekend getaway or just looking to defrost during the winter months, our research shows that 76% of visitors have been to Surfside before. We also found that not only do these visitors choose Surfside as a repeated destination, 50% have visited Surfside more than 5 times.  

It’s safe to say that there is a uniqueness about the Town of Surfside that keeps visitors coming back year-after-year.  


The Advantages of a Repeat Visit

There are so many advantages in returning to the same place. Vacations to bucket-list destinations and initial visits illicit obligations to plan endlessly, extensively sightsee, and cram in all those vacation photos. It can be tiring, exhausting even. And in today’s world, sometimes an easy vacation is the best vacation.   

Top Reasons to Visit Again and Again

1. The Local Feel   

There’s a confidence to visiting a place that is familiar: the streets are easier to navigate; restaurants treat you like regular and there’s a routine to it all. This feeling of ease is rooted in a scientific principle called “mere exposure effect,” which postulates that a person, place, or thing becomes even more pleasing after it becomes familiar. Put simply, the more we visit a place, the more we like and appreciate it. For repeat visitors, this feeling is magnified and as if the enjoyment of the vacation itself wasn’t enough, the “mere exposure effect” can add even more pleasant feelings during the vacation.  Sounds like an ideal situation.


2. Shorter Stays, Happier Days

Surfside is the perfect place for a fun family trip, a long weekend with friends or a romantic getaway with a loved one. And truth be told, it’s actually proven that shorter stays mean happier days. While some trips are made for taking the whole-month off, studies show that short, repeat trips may lead to a better overall experience. There’s no major planning, stressful travel bookings or requesting time-off from work because you can pack a quick carry-on bag, relax for a few days and be back like you never left, refreshed and ready to go.


3. More Relaxing, Less Exploring 

Since the list of "essential sightseeing" is already checked off the list for a repeat visit, travelers often report they feel more of a freedom to relax, enjoy and get a little lost as the days breeze by—a truly relaxing vacation. On a return trip, the pressure of seeing and doing everything melts away and travelers can truly focus taking a minute to explore off the beaten path, lounge a bit longer by the pool, and eat at the neighborhood restaurant that they clearly enjoyed the first time around. 


4. Say Goodbye to Goodbye’s

It’s always nice to know that you will see a person, place or thing that you enjoyed more than once. This is exactly what we’re referring to when we get rid of “goodbyes.”  Imagine if as your beautiful beachfront resort vacation was coming to an end, you were able to say “see you in August,” instead of the latter. That’s the type of vacation ending that we’d like to see more. With shorter and more frequent trips to the Town of Surfside, you’ll be happy departing with the “until next time” mentality.   


Explore Surfside

If it’s your first time or your seventeenth time, there’s something to enjoy in Surfside during every visit. Learn more about where to eat and things to explore by viewing our visitors guide or reading more of the blog. You can find out more about Surfside hotels, attractions and so much more. To hear the latest town news, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media, using the hashtag #uptownbeachtown. 


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