Surfside Something for Everyone Video Preview

Surfside: Something for Everyone

By: Surfside Oct 21, 2019

Can you really have it all?  With a small-town charm, luxury destination amenities, and beach-front aesthetic, Surfside truly does have it all.   

Our latest campaign and video, Surfside, Something for Everyone, emphasizes all of the town’s unique characteristics that attract people from around the world. 

Located in the heart of Surfside and taking center stage in the latest video, Harding Avenue, also known as Surfside’s ‘downtown district,’ portrays the town’s character beautifully. With several local shops and a wide variety of restaurants, this strip has an appeal that caters to everyone’s interests.
Another star of the video and local celebrity, Pancha, a white cockatoo – who also had an appearance in the Fab Fit Fam campaign highlighting some of Surfside’ fitness and wellness features – came back for a second supporting role. 
While Surfside continues to grow in popularity as a family-friendly destination, it is also a fantastic option for adult couples. Showcased in the video are tons of offerings for any lovers looking for their next romantic getaway; fabulous restaurants (for the foodies), a variety of retail options (for the shopaholics) as well as pool, tennis and park options (for the athletes and animal lovers).
As a visitor in Surfside, the options are endless: from fashionable and luxurious activities that any grownup will love, to the laidback family-friendly beach vibe that is truly a Surfside staple – all are highlighted in this video.
With the goal of creatively capturing the authentic experiences and people that help make Surfside a special and attractive place to visit, click here to see how Surfside has something for everyone and something for you.