The Town of Surfside is home to a mile-long white-sand beach that spans from 87th Terrace to 96th Street. To help protect our beach and mitigate coastal erosion caused by storms, human activity and rising sea levels, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in coordination with Miami-Dade County and the Town of Surfside, will place approximately 330,000 cubic yards of sand, hauled by a truck from an upland mine to the shoreline. 

Where will the beach renourishment take place?

Construction is expected to take place on the beach between 87th Terrace and 96th Street, Town of Surfside, FL. 

Who is in charge of the beach renourishment project?

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is in charge of the project in coordination with Miami-Dade County and the Town of Surfside. The beach renourishment is part of the Miami-Dade County Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection Project.

What can visitors expect during construction?

During active construction, visitors should expect truck and construction equipment activity along the trucking route, access and staging areas, and on the beach, including temporary limited access to some areas during construction. 

How will the beach renourishment work?

Crews will work to cover 500 feet of sand per day; in other words, the entire beach will not be closed off at once, only the area being worked on. Trucks will enter east/west and closure will be done north/south.

How long will construction last?

Construction is scheduled for all summer 2019 through part of the winter 2020.

What are the working hours for construction?

‒    Monday – Thursday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
‒    Friday: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
‒    Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
‒    Sunday and select holidays:  none 

Will the beach be open? 

Public safety is our first priority. Due to safety concerns, some beach access areas will be closed and public access to the beach will be restricted and/or redirected during the project. Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and beach goers are asked to use caution along Collins and Harding Avenues in Surfside, and follow the construction signs and fencing along the beach.

Visitors are also welcome to utilize neighboring Surfside beaches; please check with your hotel for detailed directions during your stay.

What about sea turtle nesting?

In coordination with Miami-Dade County, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will conduct visual inspections of the beach and sea turtle monitoring daily during sea turtle nesting season. Nests discovered shall be safely relocated to a nearby self-release beach location. Artificial lighting and/or other disturbances shall not interfere with successful incubation, hatching or hatchling orientation at the new nest site. After daily environmental species monitoring and sea turtle nest relocations have been completed and the area has been cleared, beach work will commence. However, operations in the area delineated by the turtle observer will cease if sea turtles are present at any time.

Should I come and visit Surfside during the beach renourishment?

Absolutely! Not only is Surfside conveniently located within Greater Miami, Surfside’s charming downtown district offers plenty to do during your stay. You can enjoy a variety of restaurants of international cuisine, as well as one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques. 

For more information on area hotels, restaurants and shops, please visit 

Where can I receive more information?

Frequent updates will be posted on the Town of Surfside’s website,

Additional resources:

Visitors can also track anticipated and completed construction activity using construction progress maps posted to the Corps website at, and on social media via Facebook at and on Twitter @JaxStrong.